Jets Vs Bills Week 5 Assessment

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There is only one thing i can say about today’s win against the Browns, and that is WOW! Today the Browns showed their hand and that hand says they are 110% sold on landing the 1st overall pick yet again to draft one of the man quarterback’s. There really was no reason we should have won this game, but the Browns simply said here’s the game we want the pick. The Browns at the very least could have had 32 points if they could have capitalized on one of the 8 opportunities where they were in field goal range, which resulted in 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 2 missed field goals (52,39), a fumble lost, and turnover on downs on the 4 yard line. Why did the Browns go for it on 4th and 2 from the 4 yard line? Yes the kicker already missed twice(one was from 52 (which isn’t a easy kick for anybody) but this would have only been a 21 yard kick, which would have ultimately been the game tying field goal and judging the way we played today would have been a overtime loss. The offense simply could not move the ball at all and the defense couldn’t keep the Browns from moving the ball up and down field. 

  • JETS OVERALL GRADE TODAY – C- The Jets defense allowed 419 total yards and 22 first downs on 10 drives. The offense gained an embarrassing 212 yards and 14 first downs on 11 drives. Also we had 9 penalties for 90 yards!
  • Offense – F – McCown only led his offense to 212 total yards today with only 14 first downs as we were 4-12 on 3rd down and only 25:34 time of possession to the Browns 34:26. The run game was just a non factor only 34 yards on 18 carries(1.9 avg per carry). Bilal Powell was also non existent today with only 2 carries for 5 yards and 4 catches and 28 yards. Elijah McGuire struggled as well today coming off a great week 4 game. McGuire was only able to get 20 yards on 11 carries(
    1.8 avg per carry) and 2 receptions for 10 yards. Despite throwing 2 touchdowns, McCown still had a very poor performance. McCown threw for only 194 yards 2 tds and a pick against against a Browns defense that is 24th in passing defense. The Jets offensive line also struggled today giving up 3 sack and committing several penalties. Yes we did win the game, but after halftime the Browns made a QB change that resulted in a touchdown. I believe coach Todd Bowles should have made that same move and brought in Bryce Petty. Petty showed that he has made tremendous progress and proved that he should get a chance to play as he completely dominated in preseason. Although Petty wasn’t playing against starters he completely dominated the level of talent he was up against and i believe he could be successful against starting NFL defenses. Petty couldn’t have played much worse than McCown who didn’t even crack 100 yards in the first half and had 1 interception. We have to think about our future as McCown will be 39 next year he is not a long term option, and Petty isn’t getting any younger as he is 26. Today would have been the perfect time to make the switch as McCown played horribly against the 0-4 Browns. After halftime we should have seen Petty enter the game and it is very possible he could have had a excellent 2nd half due to his vertical threat ability. Petty has a way bigger arm than McCown, and if we was able to hit a deep pass or two with Petty then our run game could have got going as the Browns defense would have to play off the ball more due to Petty’s arm strength and Anderson and Kerse’ deep play ability. If McCown don’t step up next week against the Patriots then Bowles has to hand the keys to Petty who may or may not be our franchise QB, but could get the experience he needs to keep from signing another vet next year. i would give Bowles a F—— today as he continues to just be oblivious to making adjustments. He just watches guys continuously struggle instead of making a change.
  • Defense – C- Yes our defense only allowed 14 points and had 4 forced turnovers (2 ints, 1 fumble recovery, and a turnover on 4th down) they also gave up 419 yards on 10 drives and 22 first downs. That is 41.9 yards per drive! Also on just 10 drives the Browns managed to get into scoring position 8 times, but only scored twice due to 2 missed field goals and 4 turnovers. What cost the Browns the game was when they decided to go for it on 4th and 2 from the 4 yard line, which makes absolutely no sense what so ever as the Browns were only down by 3 (10-7). The field goal would have only been a 21 yard attempt(5 years ago that was basically a extra point) but instead they decided to go for it and ran the ball with Crowell.

All i can say is somebody on the Jets has a guardian angel looking out for them as this game was all luck and bad coaching by both teams. How do you get into scoring position 8 out of 10 drives but only come up with 14 points? Bowles please consider our future and the fact that we have to consider a quarterback change in the near future. Obviously the TEAM has won 3 straight games but that’s not thanks to McCown. I believe that we can win just as much or maybe even more with Petty at QB and i don’t know about ya’ll but i would rather win 6 games with a 26 year old than a 38 year old. Just consider that Petty has a better arm, a great preseason, and could potentially be good enough to be our starter until we can bring along who ever we decide to draft.

-Brock Guthrie 10/8/2017


How critical is The Jets week 5 matchup against the Browns for the future of the franchise? 

This game has more impact than anybody would expect between two struggling franchises. 

  • What does a win do for the future of the franchise? 
  1. If the Jets win this game they will be 3-2 with a possibility of winning at least 6 games. That could be a good thing right? To win 6 games when we was projected to possibly go winless, but what does it mean to win 6 gamss with Josh Mccown as our quarterback? Petty and Hackenberg were both drafted by the Jets, but neither have seen the field. So does this mean we’re automatically giving up on them before they actually are giving a shot? I say yes because we are playing mccown with every intention to win. Being that we are more than likely drafting a qb in 2018 this would instantly mean someone is the odd man out. Even if Mccown doesn’t return in 2018 we will be forced to sign another veteran due to the fact Petty or hack has 0 experience. Their is no way that we can go into the season with a rookie and 2 non experienced qbs(Petty and Hack). This leads me to question what is going on? It appears the organization has given up on the 2 youngsters or they would be on the field. If we plan to keep one we have to let them play at some point this year. No matter what round we draft a qb we still have to draft one. There is no way we can keep 4 qbs on roster next year with whatever vet we sign whatever rookie we draft and petty and hack. Somebody has to go and that’s why it is crucial one of them plays this year that way we can have someone with experience before we turn the offense over to the rookie. What if the rookie starts and gets hurt then who will play? Hack and petty can’t be thrown in the fire next year when this is our year to find out what we got. That being said what will a win in week 5 mean for our future? It means Mccown will finish out the year if healthy and hack or petty or both will be cutt this offseason.
  2. Our draft selection. If the jets are keep winning it is possible all the top offensive players(qbs,rbs,OT’s) will be gone and might leave Mac with a choice. To do what he always does and take best available player which will more than likely mean defense or take a risk on a potential bust on offense by reaching to early to draft a position of need. If we keep winning and land outside of the top 10 it will be a critical hit to the fan base if we miss out on a great offensive weapon or take a defensive player. Alot of mocks have us outside the top 10 taking the best edge rusher. I for one would be so upset even if we get a Von Miller we have to go offense even if we beaf up our o line. The cowboys are now playoff contenders because they put together an outstanding offensive line that made every body better. If we could have a good line and get powell and Mcguire going like they did against Jags we could slowly progress our qb whether it’s petty hack or a 2nd round rookie. Point is yes I want us to win and be successful but at what cost? OK our young guys are proving themselves and proving that we can have a strong future but the time for offense is now in this draft. And we need to see what petty or hack has to know what to draft. Idk about yall but I would rather go 4-12 with petty or hack than 6-10 with almost 40 year old Mccown. 
  • Note I’m not wishing us to lose I’m just looking forward to our future to win all the time and that’s done with a qb. By mid season (week 9) we have to start petty or hack no matter what. Give mccown his money and let him wear a headset and help develop these guys if not our future is doomed. We will be outside of the top 10 take a linebacker or a project tackle that don’t help our future. Either win with hack or petty or lose with hack or petty. Mccown does nothing for the “rebuilding” process. Get it together Jets and do what’s right and start the young guys and see what they got or we will never be able to get over the hump and forever be a mediocre team that may or may not make playoffs and never advance in them due to journey man qbs. 

Thanks. Sincerely, 

–Brock Guthrie 

NFL Week 4 Picks, top matchups and fantasy predictions.

Week 1 Predictions.

  1. Saints vs Miami (London) – Saints 24 – Dolphins 20. (Start NO – Brees. MIA – Parker)
  2. Bills at Falcons – Falcons 31 – Bills 17. ( Start Atl Ryan and Jones. Sleeper start Jordan Matthews – Bills)
  3. Bengals at Browns- Bengals 27 – Browns 20. (Start Andy Dalton, Aj Green. SLEEPERS Joe Mixon and Duke Johnson)
  4. Rams at Cowboys – Cowboys 28 – Rams 24. (Start Ezekiel Elliott. Todd Gurley. Sleepers Dak Prescott, Jared Goff and WR Kupp.)
  5. Lions at Vikings – Lions 24 – Vikings 20. (Start: Golden Tate, Matt Stafford, Dalvin Cook. Sleepers: Case Keenum, Lions D.)
  6. Panthers at Patriots – Patriots 34 – Panthers 21. ( Start: Tom Brady, Christian McCaffery. Sleepers: Devin Funchess)
  7. Jaguars at Jets – Jaguars 20 – Jets 17. (Start: Leonard Fournette. Sleepers: Bilal Powell, Jermaine Kerse, Marquis Lee)
  8. Steelers at Ravens – Steelers 28 – Ravens 20. (Start: Roethlisberger, AntonioBrown, Leveon Bell. Sleepers: RB Javorius Allen, TE Jesse James)
  9. Titans at Texans – Titans 17 – Texans 13. (Start: Deondre Hopkins, Rishard Matthews. Sleepers: Bruce Ellington, De’onta Foreman)
  10. 49ers at Cardinals – Cardinals 13 – 49ers 10. (Start: Larry Fitzgerald, Carlos Hyde. Sleepers: Andre Elliott, Pierre Garcon)
  11. Eagles at Chargers – Chargers 31 – Eagles 27. ( Start: Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen, Zack Ertz. Sleepers: Travis Benjamin, Wendell Smallwood, Nelson Agholor)
  12. Giants at Buccaneers – Giants 31 – Bucs 28. (Start: Eli Manning, OBJ, Mike Evans. Sleepers: Jaquizz Rodgers, Evan Engram)
  13. Raiders at Broncos – Broncos 28 – Raiders 24. (Start: CJ Anderson. Sleepers: Trevor Semian, Jared Cook)
  14. Colts at Seahawks – Seahawks 31 – Colts 21. (Start: Russell Wilson, Chris Carson. Sleepers: Frank Gore)
  15. Redskins at Chiefs – Chiefs 28 – Redskins 20. (Start: Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt, Kirk Cousins Sleepers: Tyreek Hill, Chris Thompson, Terrell Pryor)
  • Toughest Matchups of the week.
  1. Lions at Vikings. This is going to be another tough matchup for stafford and the Lions, but I don’t expect Keenum to have as good of a game as he did last week. The Lions defense is alot better than people expected them to be so I see Stafford pulling this one out again as he is the best at game tying/winning drives.
  2. Giants at Buccaneers. This is one that could go either way, but I think the Giants get their first win on the road against a struggling Tampa Bay secondary. Look for OBJ to have a breakout performance as the Giants win late in the 4th.
  3. Raiders at Broncos. After an embarrassing loss the Raiders look to come out strong and get back into a winning rhythm. But the Broncos secondary is back to being the NoFlyZone they are known for being. And without Crabtree I see the Raiders struggling and losing this game. Jared Cook should have huge game since the only way to move the ball through the air is with the tight end over the middle. 

Brock Guthrie’s early 2018 NFL mock draft. Jets and Jaguars make a blockbuster trade, Jags take Rosen 1st overall

Even though the Giants, Browns, 49ers, and Chargers are winless so far the season is still young. The Jets and the Browns schedule are a little more tougher than the Bears and 49ers as the Jets have to face qbs like Brady twice, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Jamis Winston, Alex Smith, Philip Rivers, and tough defenses like the Jags, Broncos, and Bills. I predict the Jets to go 3-13 beating the Browns, and Bills at home. While the Browns are going to have a tough time as well with Titans, Vikings, Lions, Steelers, and Packers. I predict the Browns 4-12 Beating the Jags, Bengals, Bears and Ravens. Even though the Bears have looked good beating Big Ben and almost beat the Falcons I just see them coming up short and finishing with 3rd overall pick while the Colts will get Luck back at some point and look to win some games after a disappointing 1-2 start. Yes the Chargers and Giants are both winless the Chargers have lost due to blocked kick and missed field goal so look for them to finish around 5-11 and the Giants will turn it around somewhat when OBJ is 100%. Now let’s get to my early first round Mock Draft.
Round 1

  1. Jets (trade) Jaguars as the Jets receive the Jags 2018 8th overall, 2nd and 4th, 2019 1st and 3rd, and 2020 3rd round picks. The Jaguars select QB Josh Rosen – UCLA. It might have cost the Jags alot but with a very talented defense, some good wideouts and Leonard Fournette all the Jags were missing was a franchise Qb and they got it here now they start their playoff runs.
  2. Browns – DE/OLB Arden Key – LSU. Although there are other needs that are just as important, the Browns might have the next Von Miller here and they can’t pass that up. Not when u play Big Ben, Flacco,  and Dalton twice a year.
  3. Bears – DB Derwin James – FSU. The Bears wanted to go offensive playmaker here but this was just something they can’t pass up with the potential to get the next Landon Collins. At 6’3 212 pounds James is a nightmare for offenses as he lines up everywhere. He can play safety, corner, or linebacker.
  4. 49ers – WR James Washington Oklahoma State. This pick is based on the almost guaranteed fact that Cousins want sign or be traded to anybody but the 49ers as he wants to play with Shanahan so after signing Kirk Cousins they look to get him a elite weapon and look no further than  James Washington who already leads ncaaf in yards with 520, and 4 tds on only 19 receptions with an average of 27.4 yards per catch.
  5. Colts -( Trade) Eagles. The colts receive the Eagles 2018 18th overall pick, two 4th round picks, and 2019 2nd and 3rd round. Eagles select Rb Saquon Barkley – Penn State. The Eagles make another bold move like they did for their qb now they have his counterpart in Barkley to make this a top 10 offense.
  6. Saints – DL Da’Ron Payne – Alabama. The Saints have one of the worse defenses in the league and after going secondary in first two picks last year they get them a solid hog on that defensive front.
  7. Chargers – DB Minkah Fitzpatrick – Alabama. The Chargers have been in need of somebody like him for a long time to be a shutdown playmaker in their secondary as they always find themselves in shootouts but never win but maybe Fitzpatrick can help with that.
  8. Jets via Jaguars. (TRADE) Cardinals trade their 2018 13th overall pick, 3rd, and 2019 2nd for the Jets 8th overall pick. Cardinals – QB Sam Darnold – USC. Alot of people are scared of USC qbs because of Sanchez, leinart, Barkley and many more but don’t tell Bruce Arians that as his USC qb has brought him alot of success but now he finds his replacement in Darnold. This is a very good situation for both parties as Darnold want have to start right away he gets to play the Aaron Rodgers role and sit for next year or 2 learning from another USC qb until he hand him the ropes and the best running back in the game.
  9. Giants – OT Trey Adams – Washington. The Giants consider drafting Eli Manning’s replacement it’s too risky in first round with Darnold and Rosen off the board and their is so many qbs they can try later in draft but for now they will replace a bust at left tackle in Flowers. Due to Connor Williams requiring surgery his draft stock has fallen, but Adams has been the a consistent pass protector and run blocker in 2017.
  10. Bengals – Mike Mcglinchey – Notre Dame. Speaks for itself if you want to protect Dalton after losing Witworth you need a guy like mcglinchey.
  11. Bills – WR Courtland Sutton – SMU. This 6’4 215 pound speedster is going to be a for sure #1 as he has no problem what so ever finding the endzone he has 5 touchdowns in only 13 catches this year with a 16.7 yards per catch.
  12. Redskins – QB Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma State. After the departure from cousins the Redskins might have found a cheaper solution for now and possibly a better qb for the next 15 years as Rudolph continues to put up great numbers again this year he will fit in just fine in this up tempo pass heavy offense.
  13. Jets via Cardinals – OT Connor Williams – Texas. The Jets haven’t had a good tackle since brick. Williams is the best tackle in the whole draft the most highly recruited tackle since Joe Thomas, but due to surgery ending his season early people have concerns like what happened with Myles Jack but he has had no problems and having a great career in jacksonville. This could be the steal of the draft for the Jets because they got 7 more draft picks for moving back to land a top 5 pick in Williams.
  14. Rams – LB Kendall Joseph – Clemson.  After the Rams landed their franchise qb and rb in Goff and Gurley and aquired Watkins they look to fill holes in that defense.
  15. Browns via Texans – DT Christian Wilkins – Clemson. The Browns have good ends and linebackers but can’t get consistent production from the tackle position and with Wilkins being a early top 10 projection he is a can’t miss pick for the Browns. 
  16. Ravens – DE/OLB Harold Landry – BC. After the blowout by the Jags it’s obvious they need help on defense and corner could be the pick here but with Suggs getting old and always hurt Landry is a top 10 talent and a can’t pass pick here.
  17. Dolphins – OG Quenton Nelson – ND. The dolphins have a glaring hole on the interior offensive line. As the Dolphins moved stud Tunsil to his college position LT, which has left the Dolphins exposed on the inside. Playing teams like the bills and jets twice a year you have to protect your qb against guys like Marcell Darius, Leonard williams and Mohammed Wilkerson.
  18. Titans – CB Tarvarus McFadden – FSU. T McFadden is just what the Titans need especially after the Jags moved up to draft Rosen and facing DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, and T.Y Hilton.
  19. Colts via Eagles – OT Orlando Brown Oklahoma. Speaking of Luck everybody knows what the Colts have to do and that’s to keep Luck on the field because we all know what he is capable of when he has protection.
  20. Vikings – DT Derrick Nnadi – FSU. What’s scarier than Shariff Floyd, Danielle Hunter, and Anthony Barr? Adding another 300 pounder that can rush the passer and stuff the run posting 10.5 tackles for a loss and 6 sacks in 2016 Nnadi can do it all and that’s what you need facing Rodgers, Stafford, and  Trubisky.
  21. Buccaneers – OT Martinas Rankins – Mississippi State. The Bucs struggle to keep Winston protected this is a glaring hole on the line and Rankins could be a Left tackle because he is a great pass blocker but even better run blocker.
  22. Panthers – CB Jaire Alexander – Louisville. Ever since the departure of Norman they don’t really have a shut down corner and Alexander may not be the best corner out the class but he’s a solid one great pickup.
  23. Seahawks – OT Mitch Hyatt – Clemson. The Seahawks had to fill a glaring hole at right tackle and Hyatt is just the guy for the job as he is balanced tackle not great at one or the other but consistently good at both.
  24. Raiders – LB Malik Jefferson – Texas. Oakland struggles to stop the run adding a stud tackler like Jefferson who is always in on every tackle for the Longhorns it seems. He is a leader and a solid pickup.
  25. Cowboys – DE/OLB Sam Hubbard – Ohio State. Due to suspensions and injuries the Cowboys can’t keep pass rushers on the field. Their offense is solid despite right tackle but the lack of pass rushers is the most important need here.
  26. Broncos – DL – Maurice Hurst – Michigan. The Broncos have a great core of linebackers and a great secondary but their d line is weak. They couldn’t land a top right tackle here so they take the next available need and they got a good one with Hurst.
  27. Lions – RB Derrius Guice – LSU. The Lions haven’t had a running back since the G.O.A.T Barry Sanders and I believe they have one now although he isn’t the greatest reciever he’s a grown man running the ball and maybe that’s exactly what the Lions need.
  28. Steelers – S Ronnie Harrison – Alabama. The Steelers haven’t had a good safety since Polamalu left and that’s exactly what this guy can be for the Steelers, although bigger(6’3 215 lbs) than Polamalu  he is all over the field. He may not come away with a bunch of interceptions, but he led Alabama in tackles in 2016 with 83 tackles 2 interceptions one was returned for a touchdown and 7 pass deflections. So far in 2017 he has 18 tackles 1 sack 1 interception and 2 tackles for a loss.
  29. Packers DE/OLB Tyquan Lewis – Ohio State. The Packers are looking to replace Peppers on the outside and Lewis could be their guy. He had back to back 8 sack seasons. I’m 2015 as a sophomore he had 54 tackles 14 for a loss and 8 sacks. Followed by 8 sacks 10.5 tackles for a loss and 3 forced fumbles in 2016. He already has 2.5 sacks in 2017 this senior has alot of reps and should transition just fine in the nfl.
  30. Patriots – DE Da’shawn Hand – Alabama. Patriots look to add depth on that front 7 and landing sweat here is a steal for New England.
  31. Bills via Chiefs – QB Lamar Jackson – Louisville. The Bills needed a qb but didn’t want to take Jackson at 11, but when he was still on the board with their second 1st round pick it was a decision that had to be made. With similar style to Tyrod Taylor, the bills hope Jackson’s dynamic playmaker ability transfers over to the nfl and he can actually be QB in this league.
  32. Falcons – DE/OLB Ogbonnia Orkoronkwo – Oklahoma. Although they need help on the line, they also need a pass rusher on the opposite side of Vic Beasley and they got a steal here as Ogbonnia already has 25 tackles 5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles through 4 games.

                              Round 2

    1. Jets – WR Calvin Ridley – Alabama. The Jets have to be the luckiest team in the draft with this pick. Thanks to the depth at quarterback, pass rushers, and offensive lineman in the first round and the explosion of James Washington and Courtland Sutton who are redzone playmakers Ridley falls out of the first round. The Jets need depth at receiver and they have a top 10 talent in the first round. In any other draft Ridley could have been a top 5 pick but the jets land him at 33rd overall and have a ppotential #1 wideout.
    2. Browns – Christian Kirk – Texas A&M 
    3. Bears – OT Jamarco Jones – Ohio State. 
    4. 49ers – OL Martz Ivey – Florida.
    5. Colts –  DE/OLB Dorance Armstrong – Kansas.
    6. 49ers via Saints – CB Iman Marshall – USC.
    7. Chargers – OG Billy Price – Ohio State.
    8. Jaguars – OL Tyrone Crowder. Clemson.
    9. Giants – CB Tony Brown – Alabama.
    10. Bengals – Mikah Kiser – Virginia.
    11. Bills – DB Denzel Ward – Ohio State.
    12. Redskins – S – Marcus Allen – Penn State.
    13. Jets via Cardinals – TE Mark Andrews – Oklahoma. It’s questionable if he will even be here as he is projected to go in the first round he’s a huge playmaker and has the stats to go with it just this year he leads tight ends with 16 catches for 305 yards and 2 tds with a 19.1 avg per catch in four games.
    14. Bills via Rams – WR Deon Cain – Clemson 
    15. Browns via Texans – WR Deontay Burnette – USC 
    16. Ravens – QB Luke Faulk – Washington State.
    17. Dolphins – DB Adonis Alexander – Virginia Tech.
    18. Titans – LB Cameron Smith – USC. 
    19. Browns via Eagles – DB Brandon Facyson – Virginia Tech
    20. Vikings – QB Josh Allen – Wyoming.
    21. Buccaneers –  CB Jordan Thomas – Oklahoma.
    22. Panthers – DE/OLB Marquis Haynes – Ole Miss.
    23. Jets via Seahawks – RB Nick Chubb – UGA. I know that people are jumping on the Ronald Jones and Royce Freeman bandwagon but I’m from Georgia so I watch every game UGA plays and over the years I have seen a consistent pro style runner with great size and speed at 5’10 228 pounds Chubb is a home run hitter who could be a Shady McCoy type runner for the Jets. Some mocks have him going in 1st to Broncos or Packers but I have him sliding to the 2nd because Georgia is so deep at running back that chubb has been splitting carries his hole career but chubb still had 219 att 1457 yards 7.1 avg 14 rushing tds his freshman year, before being hurt and missing the rest of the season his sophomore year he had 92 att 747 yards 8.1 avg 7 tds, 224 att 1130 yards 8 tds splitting the load with Michel and he’s off to a good start with 59 att 371 yards 6 tds rushing through 4 games. Career so far 3795 35 tds 6.5 avg despite missing 7 game’s his sophomore year and splitting carries with Gurley, Michel, and Swift. This guy is the real deal and the Jets will be set for years as he is potentially better than Gurley.
    24. Raiders – RB Royce Freeman – Oregon.
    25. Cowboys – OT Tyrrell Crosby – Oregon.
    26. Broncos – DE/OLB Josh Sweat – FSU.
    27. Lions – DL Vita Vea – Washington.
    28. Steelers- DE/OLB Marcell Frazier – Missouri.
    29. Packers – RB Ronald Jones – USC.
    30. Patriots – LB Tj Edwards – Wisconsin.
    31. Chiefs – S Quin Blanding – Virginia.
    32. Falcons – DE Austin Bryant – Clemson.

    The Jets select QB Baker Mayfield – Oklahoma with the 65th overall pick in the 3rd. 

    Jets still have another 3rd, two 4th round picks, and two 5th round picks. That’s 10 picks through 5 rounds.  What do yall think about this scenario? somebody send it to Mac!

    Jets selections. 1.13Connor Williams, 2.1 Calvin Ridley, 2.13 Mark Andrews, 2.23 Nick Chubb, 3.1 Baker Mayfield.

    Positive and negative takeaways from huge win in week 3 vs Dolphins.

    First off what an unexpected, but huge victory for the organization today! It was a great overall victory for the jets today especially for coach Bowles and Gm Mike Maccagnan. I mentioned Mac because it was his draft picks and off season pick ups via trade and free agency that shined the most today. Enough about overall success let’s take a look at some individual player success.

    • Quarterback Josh Mccown had another unexpected successful game as he went 18-23 (78%) for 249 yards 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions with a qb rating of 126.3. Now for anybody else this looks like an average day but to the jets with a nearly 40 year old journey man qb who has offensive weapons that anybody outside of jet nation has never heard of. This is a somewhat positive but negative as he’s too old to invest any further hope in for the rebuilding process but is playing to well to be benched and with the draft getting closer every week we may never know if Petty or Hack could have ever been successful with us which might have effected who we draft in first round.
    • 2017 6th round pick rookie running back Elijah Mcguire one of gm Maccagnan’s late round wanders had another good showing. He only got 7 carries but made the most of them rushing for 34 yards with an average of 4.9 per carry and looked like he is going to be a good featured back to split carries with whoever our other running back will be next year as alot of people don’t see the older guys Powell and Forte coming back next year. Again today they had very little success once again Powell got the bulk of the carries and one was a touchdown but he didn’t show anything for us to want to keep him carrying the ball 15 times for 37 yards 2.5 per carry average and 0 receptions isn’t going to cutt it. Forte had 8 carries 25 yards. Today’s winner is the rookie Mcguire.
    • Wide recievers. What a day for this unknown unit. 5 players had 24+ yards as 2nd year pro Robbie Anderson had his first break out game catching 3 passes on 6 targets for 95 yards and a touchdown on a 61 yard bomb from mccown and Anderson showed that he has amazing break away speed. Also 27 year old Jermaine Kerse who came in the Richardson trade with Seattle which the jets received kerse who has really produced for the jets this year and a 2nd round pick in 2018 draft. Kerse finished the day with 3 catches for 42 yards on 3 targets catching everything that was thrown his way. Jeremy kerley another late pickup who is a former jet had a pretty good home reunion catching 5 passes for 42 yards on 5 targets good job kerley. Seferian-Jenkins who came over from Tampa Bay played his first game this year since he was suspended in for the first two games didn’t have a great day but had a decent day catching 5 passes for 31 yard’s. Another rookie 2017 3rd round pick Adarius Stewart didn’t see much action due to the amount of targets the starters recieved but had a remarkable diving one handed catch for 24 yards on his only target. Definitely looked like he could be a future top reciever for the jets.

    Let’s take a look at the best performances on defense and special teams 

    • Demario Davis 12 tackles 11 solo 3 tackles for a loss and a pass deflection. 
    • Buster Skrine 8 solo tackles 1 sack.
    • Darryl Roberts 7 solo tackles 1 pass deflection.
    • David Bass 3 solo tackles 2 for a loss and 1 sack
    • (R)Jamal Adams 2 solo tackles 2 for a loss 1 sack and a pass deflection
    • Terrence Brooks 1 solo tackle 3 pass deflections and 2 interceptions 
    • Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard williams continue to be a non factor with a combined 2 tackles and 0 sacks
    • Kicker Chandler Catanzaro made 2 kicks out of 3 attempts and went 2-2 in extra points.
    • Punter Lachlan Edwards has an excellent day punting the ball 5 times for 243 yards 48.6 average 61 being his longest and a remarkable 3 punts pinned the opponents inside the 20 yard line.

      Players who had the best day.

      1. As pointed out earlier rookie running back Elijah Mcguire showed that he is ready for a solid future with the jets and so far has proven to be an absolute steal in the 6th round a great pick up by GM Maccagnan as he look forward to seeing more of Mcguire this year and years to come.
      2. Wide reciever core as a whole. Not singling anybody out because everybody had an excellent day, but I do want to see more of Stewart and Anderson needs to be consistent with days like today.
      3. Demario Davis. After being criticized last week the veteran had a great debut in met life stadium as he was everywhere today stuffing runs breaking up passes great job DD.
      4. Terrence Brooks. Man what a day for the backup safety as he played great coverage with 3 deflections and 2 interceptions. Nobody really understood this trade by the jets wandering why we sent Mcdougle away for him. But he showed today that he is more than special teams standout he could be a legit pickup for the Jets another great move by the GM.
      5. Jamal Adams continues to get better every week. He showed that he can be an all around safety not just in coverage breaking up passes but also getting in the backfield stuffing the run and sacking the quarterback.
      6. GM Mike Maccagnan. Alot of Ppl didn’t understand alot of moves our GM made hut I think Mac has done an excellent job not only clearing cap and making the jets one of the richest teams in 2018 free agency but with his eye for talent via draft, free agency, and trades. Mac has singed and traded for alot of players who at the time didn’t seem like they were gbe good moves but have turned into good pickups and his eye for talent doesn’t stop at his trades and free agency signings but also in his ability to make the right picks in the later rounds of the draft. Some notable playes who were at first questionable pickups who turned into nice pickups are Qb Josh Mccown(FA), RB Elijah Mcguire(6th round), Adarius Stewart(3rd round), Robbie Anderson(UFA), Jermaine Kerse(trade) Jeremy kerley(FA), James carpenter(FA), Brandon Shell (5th round), Demario Davis(trade), Buster Skrine(FA), Darryl Roberts(FA), David Bass(FA) Kony Ealy(FA), Terrence Brooks (trade). I don’t think Maccagnan should go anywhere as I’m interested in seeing what he can do with all this money he made available for this offseason and with the draft this year since the jets are front runners for a top 5 pick in this talented offensive draft with alot of potential franchise qbs. Can he take our offense to a new level by drafting our franchise qb? It’s going to be interesting but after seeing all his free agents signings, trades, and late round picks be successful I believe Maccagnan will give us the roster to be great again with the right coaching staff.

      -Brock Guthrie 09/24/17

      NFL Week 3 Picks and Top Matchups

      Brock Guthrie’s weekly nfl picks.

      • WEEK 3 

      1. Ravens at Jaguars. Ravens 28 – Jags 17
      2. Broncos at Bills. Broncos 21 – Bills 9
      3. Saints at Panthers. Panthers 24 – Saints 17
      4. Steelers at Bears. Steelers 27 – Bears 13
      5. Falcons at Lions. Falcons 31 – Lions 27
      6. Browns at Colts. Colts 20 – Browns 17
      7. Buccaneers at Vikings. Bucs 24 – 13
      8. Texans at Patriots. Pats 31 – Texans 20
      9. Dolphins at Jets. Dolphins 28 – Jets 17
      10. Giants at Eagles. Giants 20 – Eagles 17
      11. Seahawks at Titans. Seahawks 17 – Titans 14
      12. Bengals at Packers. Packers 28 – Bengals 13
      13. Chiefs at Chargers. Chiefs 28 – Chargers 24
      14. Raiders at Redskins. Raiders 28 – Skins 20
      15. Cowboys at Cardinals. Cowboys 27 – Cardinals 17

      • Top Matchups.
      1. Giants at Eagles. I picked the G-men for one of two reasons. For one they have a very talented roster and I think they will correct some mistakes and pull this one off. For 2 OBJ will actually be healthy for first time this year as he played hurt last week. I see him having a big day over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns.
      2. Falcons at Lions. The Lions have proved that they can play with anybody and win. They’re defense is very underrated as they have a solid unit and a high scoring offense same as Atlanta. The thing is Atlanta has better running backs so they will get the win but it will be rough. 
      3. Seahawks at Titans. Both these teams have yet to really get their offenses going like they should be. The titans have a young and talented squad on defense and we all know how good seattles defense can be. Despite the lack of success for Wilson and Marriotta so far this year they will find ways to score especially with the way Derek henry is running the ball. I just see wilson doing enough to get this victory on the road.

      NCAAF Top 25 picks, predictions, and upset alerts

      1. #1 Alabama(3-0) at Vanderbilt(3-0). Pick- Alabama 37 – Vandy 10
      2. #2 Clemson(3-0) vs Boston College(1-2). Pick- Clemson 48 – BC 13
      3. #3 Oklahoma(3-0) at Baylor(0-3). Pick- Oklahoma 45 – Baylor 24
      4. #4 Penn State(3-0) at Iowa(3-0). Pick- Penn State 38 – Iowa 27
      5. #5 USC(3-0) at Cal(3-0). Pick- USC 31 – Cal 28
      6. #6 Oklahoma State(3-0) vs #16 TCU(3-0). Pick- Oklahoma State 45 – TCU 35
      7. #7 Washington(3-0) at Colorado(3-0). Pick- Washington 41 – Colorado 28
      8. #8 Michigan(3-0) at Purdue(2-1). Pick- Michigan 27 – Purdue 20
      9. #10 Ohio State (2-1) vs UNLV(1-1). Pick- Ohio State 45 – UNLV 13
      10. #11 UGA(3-0) vs #17 Miss State(3-0). Pick – UGA 27 MISS STATE 24
      11. #12 FSU(0-1) vs NC State(2-1). Pick- FSU 38 NC State 23
      12. #13 Virginia Tech(3-0) vs Old Dominion(2-1). Pick- VA Tech 49 – ODU 10
      13. #14 Miami(1-0) vs Toledo(3-0). Pick-Miami 34 – Toledo 17
      14. #15 Auburn(2-1) at Missouri(1-2). Pick- Auburn 27 – Mizz 17
      15. #18 Washington State(3-0) vs Nevada(0-3). Pick- Washington St 43 – Nevada 20
      16. #19 Louisville(2-1) vs Kent State. Pick- Louisville 52 – Kent 20
      17. #20 Florida(1-1) vs Kentucky(3-0). Pick- Florida 24 – Kentucky 13
      18. #22 SDSU(3-0) at Air Force(1-1). Pick- SDSU 31 – AF 17
      19. #24 Oregon(3-0) at Arizona State(1-2). Pick- Oregon 41 – ASU 27
      20. #25 LSU(2-1) vs Syracuse(2-1). Pick- LSU 31 – Syracuse 21
      • Potential Upsets!

      1. #5 USC vs Cal. Both teams are undefeated and usc hasn’t played it’s best games but have came out with the wins. But Cal is at home so I wouldn’t be suprised if they pulled off a 3 point upset.
      2. #11 UGA vs #17 Miss State. Miss State is the favorite in this game after a dominating win against LSU. And also because UGA is playing true freshman Jake Fromm due to Eason week 1 injury. But I think Godwin and alot of other guys have found a rhythm with fromm and if they get Chubb going like they did last week. I see georgia pulling this one out at home due to a solid defense.
      3. #20 Florida vs Kentucky. Kentucky has been on a role as of late winning their first three games of the year and the way Michigan dominated Florida’s offense I’m scared Florida’s offense can’t keep up. But the defense especially the secondary is why I gave Florida the win because Kentucky likes to chunk it down field and with the way Florida can take interceptions for scores I think they will have at least 2 take aways and come away with the win.

      -Brock Guthrie 9-22-17

      A look at the top 7 ranked qbs after game 3.

      So far my top 3 qbs I made at the beginning of the year before week 1 are out playing all of the pros top 3 qbs. Here’s a look at the top 7 qbs stats. My top 3 will be highlighted with a *

      1. Josh Rosen – 91-140 (65%) 1283 yards 13 touchdowns and 2 interceptions with a record of 2-1 after tonight’s loss vs Memphis.
      2. *Mason Rudolph – 68-94 (72.34%) 1135 yards 11 touchdowns to 1 interception. With a record of 3-0
      3. Lamar Jackson- 76-127 (59.84%) 1088 yards 8 touchdowns to 1 interception with a record of 2-1 after tonight’s loss vs Clemson.
      4. ****Baker Mayfield- Note that Baker only played 9 whole quarters after playing only 2 in week one due to a dominant lead and 3 tonight due to a big lead and all 4 in win vs ohio state. His stats are 63-82 (76.82%) 1046 yards 10 touchdowns to 0 interceptions. With a record of 3-0 and led the Sooners to the #2 ranked team in nation.
      5. Sam Darnold- 72-108 (66.66%) 1002 7 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. With a record of 3-0 as he barely pulled out a win tonight thanks to his kicker as he just couldn’t put the game away despite his 49 passing attempts.
      6. *Luke Faulk- 94-122 (77.04%) 900 yards 9 touchdowns to 1 interception. Faulk as well as Mayfield only played 9 quarters as he sat out in 4th tonight after throwing for 6 tds in first 3 quarters against Oregon state and last week he suffered an injury that led him to miss the 2nd half. Pretty good numbers in only 4 quarters and has his team at 3-0 on the year.
      7. Josh Allen- 54-96 (56.25%) 566 yards 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Allen who had had a horrible year with a record of 1-2 after going 9-24 64 yards 0 touchdowns and 1 interception tonight against Oregon. 
      • I still believe Baker Mayfield is the most underrated quarterback in college football. Despite his incredible story as a walk on at Texas Tech to a top heisman contender back to back years and this year has his team as the #2 team in nation. Nobody gave him credit for winning good games so he goes out there and completely dominates Ohio state in a blow out victory. Lamar jackson can have the heisman baker is going for the championship against bama this year and can win!!!

      NFL Week 2 picks, top matchups and sleeper teams.

      1. Texans at Bengals = Bengals.                 The Bengals didn’t appear like they could beat a college team last week scoring 0 points against the Ravens. But that’s on paper, on tape alot of the Bengals turnovers came off of tipped passes and came in the redzone so it isn’t like they couldn’t move the ball. Expect rookie rb Joe Mixon to get more involved tonight and also the addition of speedster Ross #15 who ran a 4.2 40 yard dash. Rookie qb DeShaun Watson is still getting it together look for him to struggle against the Bengals on the road as the Bengals get it going and pull off the victory at home. 24-13 Bengals
      2. Browns at Ravens = Browns.                 Although the Browns didn’t get the win in Pittsburgh they still didn’t look that bad and made it a better game than most thought. The Ravens had a great game from their defense but alot of their turnovers forced was from offensive mistakes and tipped passes. I think the Browns keep pressure on Flacco causing him to turn the ball over and the Browns rub game gets it going with Crowell, Johnson, and Dayes. Although alot might disagree I’m going with the underdog Browns to pill this one out on the road. Browns 20-17
      3. Bills at Panthers = Panthers.                  The bills put on a good show against the jets but that’s just it, against the jets. Cam was getting back into rhythm after surgery, so look for him to have a little more confidence against a secondary who has no real #1 corner. The run game will be a priority for the bills, which will leave the pass game open look for McCaffery to have a big game catching the ball out the backfield. Panthers win 27-13
      4. Cardinals at Colts = Cardinals.              Yes David Johnson will miss a good bit of games and yes the cardinals offense fell apart in 2nd half without him. But Arians has the most experienced staff in the nfl with Tom Moore as O.C, the defense will shut the Andrew luck-less Colts offense down and cruise onto an easy victory. Cards win 23-3
      5. Titans at Jaguars = Jaguars.                     I’ve been saying this since the Jags selected one of the best corners in the nfl Jalen Ramsey and an athletic linebacker steal in myles jack that the Jags defense is serious. Telvin smith, Malik jackson ngakoue, Calais Campbell man oh man that’s a good defense. Also fornette is a grown man and with him and ivory running the ball after the way the titans let lynch run all over them I don’t see them slowing the run game. As long as Bortles can keep from turning the ball over the Jags will stop the run and force Marriotta to throw and guys like Ramsey and jack take advantage of that causing turnovers. Jags defense over power the titans getting the underdog win 23-13
      6. Eagles at Chiefs = Chiefs.                       Despite the success wentz and the Eagles showed on offense against the Redskins and the fact that eric berry is out I still don’t see the Eagles out performing the Chiefs defensively or offensively. Maybe Alex smith and company don’t have as good of a game but they will be good enough to beat the Eagles who just simply lack the amount of playmakers the Chiefs have. Chiefs get it done 28-17.
      7. Patriots at Saints = Patriots.                   Although Brees has been nearly perfect when playing New England and he’s playing in New Orleans which makes it so difficult to go against the Saints. But due to their horrible secondary and the fact that Brady and company got embarrassed at home last week in prime time I think they will come out and light it up and eventually pull away in this high scoring affair. Patriots 41-31
      8. Vikings at Steelers = Steelers.                This has the potential to be one of the best matchups of the week with two playoff teams out of each conference. The Vikings was able to stop the saints run game and Bell didn’t do much at all against the Browns, which would lead u to expect the Vikings to shut down Bell again in this matchup but I don’t think that’ll happen again here. Bell will show why he deserves a big pay day and that gives the edge to the steelers since I expect big play out of both quarter backs. Steelers win 31-27
      9. Bears at Buccaneers = Buccaneers.      The Bears played a great game against the nfc Champs and their mvp qb Matt Ryan. While the bucs haven’t had a chance to showcase their offseason acquisitions on offense after their week 1 game was postponed. One thing the bears did do was give up huge plays like the one top hooper for a 80+ yard touchdown, so don’t be suprise to see DeSean jackson hit a home run along with Mike Evans and O.J Howard to make big catches to move the chains I think the bucs just simply out match the bears and their familiar starting qb Glennon. Bucs win big 28-10
      10. Dolphins at Chargers = Chargers.         The dolphins have a great running back to go along with a good defense, but the chargers have a young defense who is getting better and a good young  back in Gordon to complement in my opinion a hall of fame qb in River’s whose thrown multiple touchdown passes in 10 straight games the only other qb not named manning to do that. Bosa has proven to be a dominate pass rusher and if he can get in cutler’s head with a good rush then he can force Cutler to do what he does best and that’s throw interceptions. I give the chargers the edge here with a 24-16 victory.
      11. Jets at Raiders = Raiders.                        Raiders at home with Lynch and carr simply out match the jets. Raiders win 24-6
      12. Cowboys at Broncos = Cowboys.           Alot of people have the broncos winning at home but I don’t see it that way. They was a blocked field goal from over time with a less talented chargers team. The way the Cowboys o-line dominated the Giants talented defense I don’t see the Broncos stopping Cowboys. 20-13
      13. Redskins at Rams = Rams.                      I know that the chances of a week 1 repeat for the Rams defense is not likely I still like the Rams at home. Cousins and his receiving core haven’t gotten a rhythm down since losing 2 1000 yard receivers in Jackson and Garcon. That Rams defense will be too much especially with the return of Donald. Expect Gurley to have another good game and Kupp could repeat another exceptional performance. Rams win a close one 20-17
      14. 49ers at Seahawks = Seahawks.            Brian Hoyer and company just got dominated last week and this week they have a way better defense in Seattle. I’m looking for Wilson and Baldwin to have a big game hooking up at least twice for a touchdown. Seahawks blow out 31-9
      15. Packers at Falcons = Falcons.                This is the best matchup of the week maybe the whole year! This game could go either way as two mvp quarterbacks face off. In my opinion the deciding factor will be the Falcons have more depth at running back and Coleman and Freeman both have a good game. Falcons win 31-28
      16. Lions at Giants = Lions.                           I’m not picking the Lions because of last week’s horrible showing by the Giants. It’s more of a #13 will still be absent during this matchup and that’s a huge part of the Giants offense. I could see under 100 combined rushing yards in this game and almost 600 passing. In the end no O’Dell means no win for the Giants. Lions win this one 28-24

        Sleepers this week.

        • Jaguars 
        • Browns 

        Upset potential.

        • Bears 
        • Saints 
        • Vinings 

        Fantasy studs. 

        • Quarterbacks 
        1. Tom Brady 
        2. Ben Roethlisberger
        3. Russell Wilson
        4. Derek Carr 
        5. Philip Rivers 

        Sleepers: Winston, newton, Bradford

        • Running backs
        1. Todd Gurley
        2. Leveon Bell
        3. Marshawn Lynch
        4. Jat Ajayi
        5. Leonard Fournette

        Sleepers – ty Montgomery, Terrence West, dalvin cook, telvin Coleman.

        • Wide receivers
        1. Julio Jones 
        2. Antonio Brown
        3. Golden Tate
        4. Doug Baldwin 
        5. Brandon Cooks

        Sleepers: Keenan Allen, tyreek hill, devontae adams, cooper kupp.

        • Tight ends
        1. Kyle Rudolph 
        2. Jimmy Graham
        3. Delanie Walker
        4. Austin Hooper
        5. Martellus Bennett

        Upset? I think so!! Baker Mayfield the most underrated qb in college football!

        • #5 Oklahoma at #2 Ohio State

        All offseason long I have been talking about the QB that nobody is talking about, and I have taken alot of criticism for it. People always tell me ” Baker Mayfield sucks he just throws it up and hopes somebody catches it.” Or “Oklahoma doesn’t play against teams with a good defense.” Well tonight was just the test that Mayfield needed to prove to everybody what he really can do. Ohio state is not only the #2 team in the nation who has won or played in the national championship/playoffs the last couple of years, but they have one of the best defenses in college football having produced the 2nd most defensive players  in the nfl in rounds 1-3 since 2015 with 8 behind Alabama who has 11. 

         Going into the game pretty much everybody including the pro analyst thought somebody like me was crazy when I said Oklahoma WILL beat Ohio state. Well am I so crazy now? Not only did Oklahoma get the win on the road against the #2 team in the nation, but they was completely dominate in the 31-16 blowout against the buckeyes.

        Week 2 game breakdown and stats about the performance of Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners.

        • Baker Mayfield went 25/32(75.7%) with 381 yards 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions/fumbles.
        • The game was really alot more one sided than the final score shows as Mayfield led his offense on 10 different drives into Ohio state territory scoring only 5 times after the first 4 drives by oklahoma resulted in a failed 4th down conversion dropped by reciever, 2 straight fumbles from his running backs, a dropped touchdown pass by his tight end which led to a missed a 37 yard field goal by the kicker, and all inside the 40 yard line. Had the running backs not fumbled, or receivers didn’t drop open passes, and the kicker not missed the kick then your looking at at least 4 more scores which would have been at least 16 more oklahoma points. 

        Oklahoma schedule consists of a few tough gamss against Texas, Texas Tech, Kansas state, and oklahoma state, but I don’t see any of them stopping the team that shocked the world tonight. Oklahoma can easily go undefeated and play for the championship as they will earn a playoff spot. After tonight oklahoma should move past penn state and Clemson to be #2 next week after penn state hasn’t proven anything against anybody that matters and Clemson barely waked away with win tonight scoring just twice in a 14-6 victory over Auburn. 

        In just 6 quaters and 44 completions Mayfield has thrown for 810 yards and 6 touchdowns as he went 19/20 329 yards and 3 tds in just the first half as he rested the hole second half with a huge lead in week 1. And went 25/32 381 yards 3 tds and 0 picks tonight against the 2nd ranked team in the nation known for their defense. After finishing 4th his sophomore year and 3rd last year in heisman race I think mayfield should win it this year especially if he goes undefeated which he has a good chance of doing simply because of the success against ranked opponents and not just the amount of yards and touchdowns he puts up but he has the competition percentage to go with it having a career 70+ % with Oklahoma. 

        • NFL quarter back comparison – Russell Wilson.

        I’m not the only one who says this and it’s not his height that he draws the comparison, it’s the way he is able to just so easily shake off pass rushers that are right in his face avoiding the sack escaping  the pocket and finding the open man time and time again. Mayfield is the only other qb I have seen that can do what wilson does and look just as good doing it. Also the amount of poise mayfield shows compares to the way Wilson is able to remain calm and make something happen under seige. Pass on Mayfield if you want and he will make live to regret it. Let’s not get too carried away yet as there is still a lot of football left but after the success mayfield has had in his career from a walk on at Texas Tech to a 3 time heisman candidate at Oklahoma who beat the #2 team in the nation who is known for their defense. In my opinion Mayfield will be the most successful qb in the 2018 nfl draft and is the best QB in college football right now. 

        Why Mayfield will be drafted after other qbs but will be the biggest steal in the draft.

        1. The critics. No matter what he does the critics will never go away. They always find something to say such as “Oklahoma doesn’t play anybody that has a good defense.” Or “Mayfield just throws the ball up hoping somebody will catch it.” Well he’s proven them wrong time and time again. This time he did it on the road in the biggest test of his college career against one of the best teams in the last decade with a nfl style defense. Yet there will still be negative things said like “Uh… Ohio state wasn’t as good as we thought, they were overrated ” or “Oklahomas defense shut down the offense and that’s why they won.” Also the critics love to bring up the fact that he got drunk in college and got arrested. He’s a college student, what teenager dont drink in college or high school? Just because of that he is labeled “Manziel 2.0”
        2. His size. At 6’1 220 pounds people think that will limit his success at the next level. I don’t believe that one bit. In the last 10 years 2 qbs that were under 6 feet have won the super bowl. At 5’11 Drew Brees and Russell wilson both have a super bowl ring. Also Doug flutie 5’10 and Michael Vick 6′ have achieved great individual success in their career. So don’t let size fool you.
        3. The fact that he plays in a spread offense. I understand that it’s a big transition to adapt from a spread in college to a nfl offense, but many qbs have done it and had success. Mayfield has an excellent football i.q as he reads defenses very well and makes the right audible at the line of srimmage. With his footwork, pocket pocket presence, and natural skills he will adapt quickly and find success.

        New York Jets please don’t mess this up and miss out on Mayfield. Trade back in the draft to aquire all the help we can get on offense and draft our future franchise qb in Baker Mayfield!!

        -Brock Guthrie